Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July GPH a Success!

We held our 9th Girl Power Hour Event on Thursday, July 17th at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club from 6pm-9pm. I'm a little late in posting, but come's Summer. And I need a break.

Speaking of Summer, it was hot that night and frankly I was worried that people would blow us off to drink margaritas in the sun somewhere after work. Then I realized that they could drink margaritas (for free, courtesy of Sauza) at GPH in the sun after work. Duh! Of course they were going to show up. It wasn't our usual 150-200 women, but it was a solid turn out of about 120. We were happy with that and from the looks of it, everyone was pleased with the free margaritas...

The event itself was focused on Traveling Safe, Savvy and Stylish. Local organic clothing designer Sara Suemae of SPUN and Candice Caldwell of were on site to show us how to pack a weeks worth of style into a carry on....because let's face it....who wants to pay the $100 surcharge to check a bag anymore?

Also on hand was Author and former CIA Spy Lindsay Moran to read a few excerpts from her book, "Blowing My Cover - My Life as a CIA Spy" and to tell us how to be safe when traveling alone as women. She brought books for our swag bags and signed copies for anyone interested.

We ended the night with a few announcements that included the cancellation of our August Rooftop Party and the confirmation of our 1 Year Anniversary Party happening on September 18th at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Stay tuned for more info on that shortly.....

PS: I never knew CIA Spy was a career option??

**Sadly, I don't have pictures for this event...YET...I think our photographer Laura Totten is on vacation, but that has been neither confirmed nor denied. Hot foot it Totten! ;) However, if you are bored, you can check out pictures from our Red event on her site if you CLICK HERE.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Days for Spring/Summer Sale at The Finerie

I've already posted this on my Girl About Town Blog and on my Decks And The City Blog before realizing I'd left you out. Usually, I wouldn't post the same content on three blogs, but, I really want to get the word out about this Summer Sale ending quickly....Only in this version, I'll spare you the story and get right to the point.

WHERE: The Finerie // 1215 1st Ave // 206.652.4664

WHAT: Spring/Summer Sale

*Get 40%-80% off in the Sales Loft or, participate in the "Progressive Sale" happening ALL SUMMER throughout the entire store and allowing you to get a certain percentage off with each purchase: (see below)
1 item = 20% off
2 items = 25%
3 items = 30%
4 items = 35%
5 items = 45%

WHEN: Now! Hurry in, the sale ends when July does.

M-Th 1030a-7p
F 10a-830a
Sat 10a-8pm
Sun 11a-6p

IN ADDITION: The Finerie offers Personal styling and private shopping events for you and your friends or clients. Email to inquire about your own event at the The Finerie. They also validate parking with purchase at the Hotel 1000, about a block away.


Come check out all the hotness that you know Fall Fashion has to offer from The Finerie on the runway at Fashion First happening August 7th!!

FALL FASHION TIP: According to Tanya Friberg, owner of The Finerie, Color is still BIG this Season - choose Orange, Purple, Green or Royal Blue garments to liven up your Fall and Winter in 08 and 09!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Enough already!

We've been hassled. We've been questioned..."why aren't you blogging about Girl Power Hour?"

Because we're busy.

But alas, in a world powered by blogs and user-generated content, by god, we'll find the time just so that we don't have to hear that question ever again. Well, that and it's probably a good idea... Plus, we can fill you in on all of the madness that is "Girl Power Hour." And IT IS mad. Trust us on that one.....

Girls be warned! And prepare to embark on the GPH journey....stay tuned.

Oh, and Happy Friday.